A 'New' Blue Dresser

Now that we have a new member in our household Alhumdulillah, she was in need of a place to put her things :). I picked up an old dresser from the second hand store way back before she was born, and I finally got time to fix it up this week. I often prefer to get my furniture second hand because they are better in both quality (solid wood, not particle board) and price! I scored this dresser for $5 and it was in pretty good condition besides a need for a new coat of paint. Speaking of paint, I just came to know that Home Depot has a "Opps" rack where people return paint that was just not the right colour, and they resell it for a fraction of the price. I got a quart of blue paint from the "opps" rack for $3! So here's what I did:



Besides the new coat of paint, I also added some new silver knobs that I picked up from Home Depot for about $1.50 a piece. I really like the new look of the dresser, and I think it fits well in my eldest daughter's room at the end of her bed (inshaAllah they will share the room soon, baby's crib is in our room at the moment). To dress up the dresser a bit, and to have a soft place to put her things so they won't shake around too much when the dresser is opened, I made a little mini quilt to place on top. I really like the scrappy look of it, plus it felt good to make a little dent in my scrap pile :).

And that's that! :)

3 responses to “A 'New' Blue Dresser

  1. Wow, maashaa Allaah, you did a really good job with that..

  2. mashaAllah :) thank you for your comment

  3. This turned out gorgeous!!! Tabarak'Allah. You did an amazing job!

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