Daily Islamic Prayer Chart

Now that my daughter is praying almost every prayer with the family, we decided to make a prayer times chart like the one we saw by Educating the Muslim Child, here.  Using a frame we had on hand, and some scrapbooking paper, it was such a quick craft to make. To write the timings on, we used washable markers instead of dry erase markers, since the surface is plastic and not glass, and dry erase markers don't wipe off. We learned this the hard way, and had to cover up the dry erase marker damage with a flower in the corner. I hope this little chart will help my daughter become more aware of the natural flow of the day and make note of the movement of the sun and the shifting of time as each new prayer comes and goes and each prayer's timings are adjusted to match the day.


  1. Love this are full of them.

    1. Actually the internet is full of them hehe



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