Star shirt

My daughter seems to be growing so fast. My mom passed on some of my little sisters old clothes for A, and I passed on A's old clothes to my other little sister :). It works well that A is sandwiched between two of my little sisters in age. Clothes keep moving around, and it keeps my apartment clutter free which is good since I have no room for storage.

So among the clothes, we got this faded tshirt and decided it needed a new paint job. :)

 Tada! A put it on as soon as it dried :)



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Glow Rocks

This morning my daughter woke up with an idea for an experiment...

A's hypothesis: If you colour a tissue with markers and wrap it around a rock, and place it in the fridge, then after some time, when you take the rock out of the fridge it will glow in the dark.

A's conclusion: It didn't work, but maybe we had to leave it in the fridge a little longer.

My little scientist then remembered how her nails glowed in the dark with her glow in the dark nailpolish.

So we painted some rocks with the nailpolish, and got the desired effect she was looking for :).... Glow Rocks.

I wasn't able to take a good picture of them glowing in the dark with my camera, but I think you get the idea :).

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