Ramadan Reading

We borrowed some books from the library to read for the Summer Reading Program, and also to prepare for Ramadan :)

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  1. It's a VERY good idea! Unfortunately there are not so much books with Ramadan theme in my place. Maybe I should create on my own :) Thanks for the idea.

    Salam from Malaysia.

    Ummu Khaulah

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    Very interesting. Could you please share the titles and a brief review of thr books.....:) We were gettibg our Ramadan reading naskets ready yesterday....I will be announcing our Ramdan Challenge with them on the blog today Inshallah.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Ummu Khaulah: Making your own books is a great idea. Even getting your children to make their own books is fun as well. Something my daughter loves to do.

    Umamah Learning Academy: InshaAllah I will try to review the books soon.

  4. Assalamo alaikum,'
    So here it is our Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge.....hope you'll join us :)

  5. JazakAllahu khairun, we will join inshaAllah

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