Finger Knitting

Today we tried finger knitting for the first time.

I was thinking of ways to keep my daughter busy today while I read the Quran. I have planned to phase out TV completely this Ramadan. Though my daughter does not watch a lot of TV, maybe a few times a week, I do have the bad habit of putting it on for her when I need time to focus on other things and am not there to play with her. I think in the end we'll be better off cutting it out completely, and this Ramadan is a good time to start inshaAllah.

Once her finger knitting was long enough, we made it into a flower using this tutorial. She insisted we add a leaf, and she finger knitted that as well. She has already made plans about everyone she will make flowers for, for Eid this year.

She really enjoyed this activity and just kept on going until she fell fast asleep, hehe... now a little time for me and the Quran :). Ramadan Mubarak <3

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  1. oh so sweet maashaa Allaah. I know how much maimoonah enjoyed finger knitting too. Need to get back to it after Ramadhaan Inshaa Allaah. Nice to see your posts this Ramadhaan with nice activities. Have a great Ramadhaan. Love to A



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