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3 responses to “Pomegranates

  1. Juice of pomegranate and orange makes a delicious fresh combination. One of my favorite drinks. Subhanallah. Amazing fruit.

  2. As-salaamu'alaykum my dearest sis,

    Not sure if you know this.. but there is a really simple way to get them clean!

    Break the pomegranate in half, and immerse the whole thing in a bowl of water. While you do this, break it all apart. Once you have everything free, let all the white/peel part float to the top.. scoop that out, and voila.. all done!

    Hope that made sense.
    Love Farhana

  3. my daughter LOVES pomegranates. i like the suggestion left by another commenter- i will have to try soaking the whole fruit in water. YUMMY! how are you doing by the way? haven't talked with you in a LONG time. hope things are going well!

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