Ramadan Arts & Crafts Challenge: Week 1

I am participating in a Ramadan Arts & Crafts Challenge hosted by Ummi's Circle. Hop on over to her blog to learn more details! The idea is to create art with your child everyday of Ramadan and write a post about it at the end of the week to be eligible to enter her contest. So here are some of the things we created this week:

Day One: Ramadan Lantern, Brownie Cake
Day Two: Ramadan Greeting Cards, Sadaqah Box

Three: Balloon Decor- just some fun with sharpies
Four: Stamping Fun- A used her new Noble seal stamp
Five: Iftar Placemat
Six: Ramadan Journal- we created a Ramadan journal- cover was a printable from UmmAbdulBasir

Seven: Pom-pom and pipecleaner crafts

3 responses to “Ramadan Arts & Crafts Challenge: Week 1

  1. All of them look so cute masha Allaah. I really do not mind have a piece from that tempting cake : )

  2. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    I love it! Mashaa'Allaah! And you made so easy for me to view :) Yayyyy. I don't know why I'm seeing this post late. I like how you put the pictures together with the numbers.....i may borrow that idea for when I got put my second week together. Inshaa'Allaah
    Lol@Umm Maimoonah and I agree with her ;)

  3. MashaAllah.. You have wonderful crafts here.

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