Diorama: Maryam's Bedroom

A and I have started doing our Islamic studies using the Ad-Duha ALP curriculum. So far we are really enjoying the curriculum and it helps me stay on top of her learning as well since it comes complete with outlined lesson plans, textbooks, workbooks, and interactive arabic material for the computer.

One of the lessons included reading a story from the Muhammad and Maryam storybook about Tawheed, and then as an extension making this diorama of Maryam's bedroom. A really enjoyed this creative activity and I must admit I did too :). A had some really great ideas about how we should make her room, including a cut out window, a lot of glitter, and a custom mirror, bed, table and chair.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    Masha Allaah looks so interactive. I just went through there site, but may be I must take sometime to browse well. I am a bit confused! Any way I want to ask you does all this material that is on the picture come with the curriculum? Or is it only the books?

  2. lol oops.. its me aasiya, was signed into the wrong account :P

  3. @ Umm Maimoonah: Wa alaikum salam. No the material on my blog does not come with the curriculum, it's only the books, and flashcards, and arabic computer program. :)

    @ Little Explorers: lol, thanks Aasiya!

  4. mashaAllah uhtkti it is soooooooo cute,i need to make one with my son... we can make adul-azizs room lol



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