Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards

A was pretty excited about these flashcards because not only did she get to colour them, but they matched her alphabet placemat, a learning tool they use in her class. I got the printable for these flashcards from here, and printed the colouring pages 4 on one page onto cardstock, and then laminated them once they were all coloured.


  1. I would like to print these, where can I print them from?


  2. assalamu'alaykum wr wb,
    dear sister masyaAllah awesome :), but the link you give is not found right now, maybe any alternative link where can i print the flashcard? jazakillah khoir

    ummu ammar

  3. wa alaikum salam ummu ammar,

    I suppose they have since removed them from the site, as the link is not working for me either and I don't see an alternative location