Sensory Bin: Autumn

Here's an Autumn themed sensory bin I put together for my daughter that she is really really enjoying :) (inspired by Counting Coconuts' fall sensory bin)

Inside our bin we have:

- little autumn animals: chipmunk, hedgehog, skunk, and raccoon (from our library storytelling kit)
- a strawberry basket (formerly full of fresh farmer's market strawberries, yum!)
- sparkly fabric autumn leaves
- a yarn apple (see our post here)
- a little rake to rake up the leaves
- 3 pinecones
- a mini pumpkin (from farmer's market as well)
- a little clay bowl
- acorn caps
- and tiny decorative plastic leaves

My daughter is loving pretend play with the little animals...feeding them acorns, apple, and pumpkin, making them burrow in the leaves, and having them talk to each other. Raking is always fun too!


  1. Hi Eva, I made one of these too inspired by Counting Coconuts. I love your rake! I will have to add that, brilliant! x

  2. Great I love the idea about the little animals..My C will love it.Thank you my friend.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum sister,

    Im ur new follower. Mashallah, U have a very good blog!


  4. I like that you added animals - this definitely opens a lot of pretend play possibilities. A very pretty bin!

  5. Masha Allaah really cute, I feel like playing them too :)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments :D I can't wait to put together our next bin :)

    @ Alia: thanks so much for following!

  7. Oh how lovely!! Love the little animals and sparkly leaves!

  8. @ Counting Coconuts: Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

    @ April: thanks!



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