Arabic Alphabet hoodie and pants set

Okay.. I bought the Lil Blue Boo Hoodie Pattern, and I tried it out immediately!! :).. it was soo super easy to use with very clear instructions and loads of photos, I can't wait to start sewing more things for my daughter.

I painted the letters on with gold fabric paint, and added pink stripes and a pink rose with fabric paint too. It's a little bit random (since this was my first time around, a little bit of an experiment) but it was fun nonetheless and A. loves it too :).

I thought that this hoodie would be cute paired with a pair of pants, and I was browsing through Lil Blue Boo's tutorials and found a free one here about how to sew pants like these :D!!

Still thinking about adding a few things to this, and may enter it into this contest.. or maybe I'll just leave it the way it is :)

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  1. these pjs were the cutest at our pajama party = )

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