Letter Uu

Well, we spent our Uu day talking about umbrellas. I took out my umbrella to show A., and we went under it and talked about it's parts.

Then we played an umbrella game- an idea I found in a book. Basically they said to make raindrops out of blue tissue paper (I used white b/c that's all we had- besides isn't water in essence clear?) and throw them on top of the umbrella and watch them splash off. I didn't think it was that great of an activity but A. really loved it and didn't want to stop playing. She also had a tantrum when I told her it was time to put the umbrella away (so think twice before showing your little one an umbrella!!).

Then of course we had to make a handmade umbrella :D.. We made this out of a newpaper and tape. We got the idea out of our book: The Best of Family Fun, Crafts & Boredom Busters. So much fun!


Picnic Table Talk: Organizing

I wrote a blog post on this activity organizer I made for my daughter a while back, and I never really got around to finishing posting about what I put inside each bin. ABC & 123's Thurday Picnic Table Talk is about Organizing, so now's a good time to finish posting about this :)

From top to bottom:

Bin #1: The Five Senses

- this bin has not been labelled yet. I put kid friendly labels on each bin so my daughter would be able to pick out and put back activities she wants to use. In this bin I plan on putting activities based on the 5 senses, and adding a related label as well.

Bin #2: Self-concept

- in this bin I put two photo albums of photos of my daughter and our family, A book where I have yet to add a photo of her, An All About Me book which we printed out from here, Feelings Faces which we printed out here, and dressing flashcards.

Bin #3: Colours

- in this bin we have a file folder colour matching game which we got here, our handmade colour book, some coloured teddy bears on popsicle sticks, colour flashcards, and some colour books.

Bin #4: Shapes

- in this bin we have a shapes activity which I got here, shape flashcards, shape books, and a shape file folder game which we got here.

Bin #5: Numbers

- in this bin we have our unfinished felt number book.

- we also have a number book activity we got here, a wipe clean numbers book (complete with wiping cloth, and crayon), some number books, and number flashcards

Bin #6: Alphabet

- in this bin we have the beginnings of our fabric alphabet book

- an alphabet file folder game made from stickers from Michaels

- an alphabet puzzle game I got from here

- wipe clean alphabet books (with wiping cloth, crayon, and plastic letters)

- our alphabet scrapbook, alphabet books, a letter box, and alphabet flashcards

And probably the only other organized children's area we have in our home is the art area.

- on the shelf we have (top to bottom, left to right) stickers, beads, glue, paintbrushes, watercolour paint palette, scissors (in green tin), stamps, crayons, pencil crayons, markers, playdough, holepunches, stencils, colouring and scrapbooks, magazines for cutting, box of scrap paper. The containers used are mostly recycled ones from crackers or baby wipes containers, or from the dollar store, a few from Ikea.

- in the closed cabinet I have things I don't want A. playing with such as small beads, acrylic paints, mod podge & wood glue, and that's pretty much it.. my paints take up most of the space in there, I managed to accumulate a lot of paint from my days in highschool! Above the cabinet I have tins with my stationary and stamps and envelopes.
I can't wait to see what everyone else has posted about at ABC & 123!
(I will update this post with links to where I got the activities soon)


Grow a towel

Letter Tt

Here's what we did on our Tt day, we grew a towel by putting a towel cube (from Michaels) in water! :)

And we also ate Tacos and had Tim Horton's Timbits on our Tt day!

More Ss day Art

Letter Ss

Spiral Art- A. held the pen and I helped her make it go in circles to make these designs

Stamping- This was A's first experience with stamps.. we used paint since we didn't have any ink pads.

Shape Stencil Shirt- Using the shape stencils we made on our Ss day, we decorated a shirt (onesie) with fabric paint

A. is super proud of her work of art and she couldn't wait to wear it and she doesn't want to take it off!!

My First Sewing box

Letter Ss

Stringing spools on Shoelaces is pretty tough for A. but maybe it'll be easier as she gets older. I put this activity in the keepsake box we made along with our button snake activity to make A. her own sewing box.. something that I can take out for her to play with when I'm busy at the sewing machine. I hope I can add more things to this box as I go along so A. can have her very first sewing kit.

Handmade Shape Stencils

Letter Ss

I made these shape stencils for A. using recycled plastic lids. She has loads of fun tracing them:

and stamping bingo dabbers in them:

This was a great shape activity and has really helped solidify the names of the shapes for her! She still needs practice naming rectangle, which she calls "tangle" and naming circle.

To cut out the shapes I used scissors, but if you try this out I think using an x-acto knife would be better (because I gave myself two smalls cuts while trying to cut these out with scissors).

Scribble Cookies

Letter Ss

For our Ss day we melted A's old broken crayons in the oven in some paper muffin cups :) I've ALWAYS wanted to try this out, and A. really enjoyed them too. They're easy for small hands to hold.


The Arabic Alphabet

I've had this arabic letter placemat, and these arabic flashcards for a long while now and A. has always loved looking at them.. but the other day when I purchased these arabic letter magnets, and this arabic alphabet book A's interest in them has really sparked! Even though we've only had the magnets and book for a few days now, I believe A. can say and recognize more letters of the Arabic Alphabet than she can of the English Alphabet even though I've been spending loads of time on the English one! It's soo funny how children choose what they want to learn, like how A. has this very big interest in shapes now and none of our learning about shapes is planned. I'm starting to wonder if I should even plan activities anymore, I even considered to stop teaching her the English Alphabet and to start focusing on shapes and the Arabic Alphabet because that is where her interest lies. Well today is our Ss day so hopefully we'll have plenty of shape activites! I guess I'll just finish with the English Alphabet since we're almost done, and it gives me a little bit of time to search for the very limited Arabic resources and ideas out there on the web. A lot of my friends plan on going through the Arabic Alphabet a letter everyday during Ramadan but I don't think I can wait that long, since A. is totally interested now. Plus I think I really want to take the month of Ramadan off from blogging and whatnot and focus on worship and enjoy what's left of the summer.

Here is our Arabic Alphabet calendar for the month of August.. some days have more than one letter a day as I wanted to wrap things up before Ramadan which will be around the 21st or 22nd of August. I tried to group similar letters together too. I don't think I'll be doing as many activities as I did with the English Alphabet but mainly work on making an alphabet book like we did for the english alphabet, a colouring, and gluing experience A. really loves- which I find really solidifies each letter for her.


'Rockers' Collection

Letter Rr

Here are the beginnings of A's rock collection.. which she insists on calling rockers :)
I wanted to go out today for our Rr day to collect rocks but it was a really Rainy day!
I remember as a child, I absolutely loved collecting rocks! They're everywhere and every one is soo unique and beautiful :) I think she will really enjoy this activity for years to come. I also think it's a good idea to stop and appreciate the beauty in God's creation and reflect on His signs in nature, especially as a family living in the city - so occupied with day to day life.

I got the idea to store the rocks in this container from Let's Explore, here. When I was a child I remember I stored them in empty baby wipes containers, but I like how A. will be able to sort them by colour, size, location, etc, however she chooses in this type of container.

Colours of the Rainbow

Letter Rr

This rainbow activity was originally supposed to be a Rainbow colour Toss game, where you toss the plastic lids trying to aim for a certain colour, but that was getting really out of hand and my daughter was throwing the lids wayyy off and laughing her head off! haha.. so I changed it up a bit - from a gros motor activity to a fine motor one- and showed her how to match the colours of the lids to the rainbow. I think when she gets older we can try doing the rainbow toss game again, and even include scores ie: lids that land on red get 10 points, lids on orange 8, etc.
PS: to make the rainbow I used bristol board, and acrylic paints- I painted this while A. painted her rainbow mobile :)

Rainbow Mobile

Letter Rr

- 2 paper plates (cut one in half)
- paint
- 1 pipe cleaner
- yarn
- dowel or stick
- scissors

All I can say is my daughter LOVES to paint, so she thoroughly enjoyed this project :)

Ribbon Kite

Letter Rr

I found this idea in a nature book I got from the library called Child's Play in Nature, it looked simple enough and I had all the supplies.. and A. actually had a lot of fun running around with it and letting it blow in the wind at the park.

- Wooden Dowel
- Ribbon or paper streamers
- tape/glue

I added the plastic bit at the top of the dowel just for decoration- something I found in my button stash :)


Fit for a Queen

Letter Qq

I made this for A. from this tutorial, perfect for dressing up like a Queen!

Octopus Art

Letter Oo

Wow the weather has been so nice I haven't gotten around to updating my blog! I didn't even get around to doing many of the activities I had planned for these letter days, there are just too many great ideas out there!

We did some Octopus Art on our Oo day.. We got the idea for this art activity here.

Then we did the Octopus Dance. We were going to make Orange Julius and have an Obstacle Course but we didn't get around to it, but hopefully soon!

P is for Painting

Letter Pp



finished product!



Today's ABC & 123 Picnic Table Talk is all about Imagination. Like most children, one of my daughter's favourite pretend play activities is house/kitchen. She loves to play with her pretend food and dishes, and she is a great tea party host! She also likes to play construction worker with her tools, and dress up as a princess!
But some of our favourite pretend play games are the spontaneous handmade ones of course :) I really love the ability to use materials that are on hand at home and be as frugal as possible!

Teddy Bear Mask (cardboard, and elastic):

House Play (cardboard doll house- Ikea magazines, glue, and cardboard- click here to see more):

Birds' Nest (blankets and pillows to make a nest):

Octopus Dance (8 scarves/fabric pieces as octopus legs):


Nylon Tennis!

Letter Nn

I'm sooo excited about this activity, I've been wanting to do it ever since I saw the idea in my first year of college.

- 2 old wire clothes hangers (to make two rackets)
- pliers
- 2 nylons (you can get a pack of two from the dollar store)
- heavy duty tape
- clear packing tape (optional)
- a balloon
- wire (optional)

1. First bend and shape your clothes hanger using pliers.
2. I added a piece of wire to the base of the hoop on the racket to hold it together. (I don't know if you can see it, it's white- right under my website addy) I wasn't able to twist the clothes hanger all the way up the handle, it was too stiff! So that's why I added the bit of wire.
3. I then added some heavy duty tape to the entire handle part of the racket to cover up all sharp edges from the wire.
4. I pulled the nylon over the racket and taped it down to the racket with clear packing tape. I didn't want to tape it down with the heavy duty tape in case I ever want to change the nylon- ie, if it rips/tears.
5. do the same as above for the second hanger, and enjoy some tennis with your litte one!


'Me' Doll

Letter Mm

Another Mm day activity. Mm is for Me! I got this wooden doll from Michaels the other day. My daughter painted it :). That's not her picture though, that one came with the doll, I still have to find a picture of A. to put in it.

We also started an All About Me book that we printed out from this link.

Motion/Action cards

Letter Mm

I totally love these motion/action cards I found over here -a collaboration b/w theadventuresofbear and thehometeacher. We did all the alphabet movements for our Mm day, so fun! I really recommend you go over there and print out your own copy!

Leaf faces

Letter Ll

We went outside and collected leaves, and other nature treasures for our Ll day. We brought them home and made a faces flip book with them :)


Index Cards
Contact Paper
Nature Finds

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