Wednesday's Words- Feelings

I got these great feelings printables from here, and I used them to make a handmade book for A., and we cut out and glued on some pictures of people expressing different emotions from some old Today's Parent magazines I had (they have a great selection of children's faces!).

As you know, recently I have started introducing new words to my daughter from French and Urdu based on our weekly theme. So I wrote the words in French and Urdu on each of the pages and then put all the pages into a duo tang for her to look at for the week, and for us to talk about.

She really enjoyed this activity!

PS: Sorry for posting the entire week's post on one day, things tend to get super busy during the week, so I tend to do that often.


  1. so cute! i am trying so hard to get back into the saddle with this- my energy is still low.... what you are doing is incredible!

  2. aww take your time :) and thank you!

  3. Great idea on feelings vocabulary. You know, you could backdate your posts, so they appear to be on the different dates if you want.



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