Jumping Frog

Letter Jj

I got the tutorial to make this origami frog from here. It took a while for A. to learn how to make the frog jump, but now that she knows how to do it, she loves making it Jump all over the place!


  1. We did this a while back and it was a lot of fun. Aubrey also enjoyed making them jump.

  2. I just love this chubby hand in the picture :) The origami frog brought some memories from my childhood - making these things in my own kindergarten and feeling jealous of my friends who actually understood folding instructions. I could read, but I couldn't make a stupid frog. Even today I would probably be challenged to make it without having very detailed instructions at hand. I am extremely challenged at 3d manipulations - it's almost like a disability. On another hand, my husband designs his own origami patterns, so there is still genetic hope for Anna. So... the frog, I challenge you to submit to me. LOL



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