Keyrings on Flashcards

I saw this idea on another blog (but I can't remember which)... to add keyrings or binder rings to hole-punched flash cards to keep them all together. I recently received quite a bit of flashcards from my mother-in-law from when she used to be a teacher.

So far I've done one set- it's a great way to keep sets from mixing up together and also from getting lost.

A. has really enjoyed flipping through and naming the different pictures on this alphabet set :)

2 responses to “Keyrings on Flashcards

  1. i LOVE this idea! i am picking up flashcards throughout our house all the time and they always seem to get lost.... as soon as i get the chance I am going to go get some rings! thanks for the fabulous idea!
    and thanks for posting on my blog- it is nice to know that i don't necessarily have to stress about having color days and my daughter will learn her colors just fine (i used to be an elementary teacher before becoming a stay at home mommy and i just seem to worry about teaching curriculum!)

  2. this is such a good idea! im so gonna do it as well inshaallah.. did you get those arabic alphabet flashcards from the non profit book store? theyre like $2 n really nice.

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