Sewing with kids: Embroidered Pillow

I am not sure why, but these photos are a little washed out. I think there was a fingerprint smudge on the lens of my camera and I didn't realize it when I took these pictures. So here we have another one of our sewing with kids projects: an embroidered pillow. I had the children embroider designs of their choice onto their pillows, then I introduced them to the sewing machine. To give them a little practice with the machine before sewing actual material, I printed out a sewing card maze onto cardstock that I found here, and had them practice following the lines. Once they practiced on the cardstock, sewing around the edge of the pillow was easy enough :). Then they stuffed their pillows, and I helped them out in sewing the seam closed.

Sewing with kids: Masjid Tshirt

Another Sewing with Kids sewing project! For this project I had the kids applique a square piece of fabric onto a tshirt using a blind stitch. Then I let them decorate their tshirts with fabric pastels. Even though they did essentially the same project, I really love how they made it their own!

Sewing with kids: Happy Eid Banner

For the kids' third sewing project, they made a 'Happy Eid' Banner, using triangles cut from cotton fabric with pinking sheers. To make the banner, the children wrote one letter on each flag using fabric pastels (pastel colours that are permanent once the fabric is ironed). Then they hand sewed their flags together onto a piece of bias tape. Below is a picture of the banner that my daughter made.

Welcome Ramadan Cards

MissA recently designed some Ramadan cards to send to family members for Ramadan, using cardstock, coloured paper, stickers, and glitter. I also thought I would stop by this old blog of mine to wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak as well :). Ramadan Mubarak!

Sewing with kids: Plush toys

The next project for our kids sewing class was these little plush shapes. I had the children trace shapes, using cookie cutters onto felt and then I let them add buttons and beads. Once they decorated their shapes I introduced them to the whip stitch to sew them together, and then they stuffed them. I like using felt for children's projects since it is easy for them to work with. When I went to take a picture of what the children made, one of my students asked if she could take the photo. So below is a photo courtesy of my student. Maybe I should start doing a kids photography class as well ;).

Assalamu Alaikum

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