matching spring skirts

Aren't dandelions amazing? A whole field of white fluffy blowable dandelions. I have yet to chance upon a field full of a variety of wildflowers though... that would be beautiful. I get so much pleasure making handmade clothes for my daughters. I particularly love being able to make them matching clothes that would otherwise be hard to find in stores because of their age gap. And at the moment they just love being matchy-matchy. The pattern for this skirt comes from NewLook 6172. It is super simple to make and my eldest did quite a bit of the cutting and sewing for her own skirt. I am sure she could have sewn it completely on her own but she was a little eager to have it completed quickly and asked for my help. These skirts are nice and full and are perfect for twirling in, and they are just the right length for everyday childhood play.


tree planting

I have finally crossed tree planting off my bucket list! Well I didn't write it officially on any list but it has been on my mental wish list. My daughter A and I planted one tree together and she planted two more on her own while the two littles and I cheered her on from the sidelines. My toddler was just not very interested in tree planting, not wanting to get her hands dirty haha. I am so grateful for the sister who organized this event for the homeschool community. Many many duas for her :). We cannot wait to go back and visit the park to see the trees we planted and check their growth progress. The perfect thing to document in our nature journals!

Ahh Spring

I am so grateful for Spring. We are spending almost everyday outside these days. When the weather is rainy or on the chilly side we always try to at least pop out onto our little balcony and enjoy some fresh air and draw a few doodles with chalk on the balcony floor. Since we don't have a backyard, getting to the neighbourhood park with the two littlest babes in tow can be quite the journey. We are always sure to pack snacks and drinks, and to maximize our time we bring along school work. With the warmer weather we have been taking out our nature journals more often. We love learning the names of new birds, flowers, and insects, and watching all the growth and life blossoming around us. I just love observing my two youngest daughters taking everything in, experiencing things for the very first time with so much fascination and joy. Their love of everything from a squirrel running past to a tall blade of grass between their fingers, just makes my heart burst and makes me stop for a moment and appreciate even the smallest of God's blessings.

handmade at the science centre

The Science Centre homeschooling field trips are well loved by my daughter A. I still remember her as a baby laughing at the loud sounds of the ball rolling around a giant maze contraption, and she still enjoys it today. There are so many interesting things to see at the Science Centre, and amazing facts to learn. But I think she and I can agree that our favourite things are the hands-on diy activities. This year my daughter A designed her own shoe with fabric and a glue gun, made homemade paper, and had fun designing magnetic mosaics.

kids bazaar

The yearly kids bazaar is becoming one of my daughter A's favourite events. This was her second year as a vendor, Alhumdulillah. Last year she sold bead buddy keychains, rainbow loom keychains, and lanyards. This year she sold a few more keychains along with bookmarks, flower pens, softies, and hairclips. She did really well overall and her understanding about small business is getting better each year.

Kids Bazaar 2015

Kids Bazaar 2014