Thursday, March 27, 2014


Recently in the classroom, we have been studying all about flowers:

Learning about transpiration, and watching daisy petals change colours...

Reading, and learning about the parts of a flower... (Nature Dictionary- was a great find at a library book sale, Parts of a flower puzzle- was a great find at the thrift store, and The Tiny Seed book- was a gift from a friend! Don't you love when things come together like that, Alhumdulillah (All praise be to God).

Also, dissecting a flower to see it's parts, and a little sketching...

Can't wait for the spring flowers to bloom, inshaAllah (God willing)!

Cozy Cupcake Scarf

Snow! It is amazing how drastically the weather can change from one day to the next around these parts, MashaAllah.

I actually typed that last sentence a few weeks back, gasp, and as usual I was unable to complete the post, most likely a cute little baby caught my attention :). Well I am back and though the first day of spring has come and gone it still very much feels like winter. Brr. Sometimes we get spoiled with a day of really beautiful springtime weather, but winter comes right back as though it never left. Alhumdulillah, winter is one of favourite seasons and I do love a good snowfall, but I am starting to really look forward to strolls in the neighbourhood and pushing my kids on the swings. 

Well speaking of nicer weather, on one of our adventures sans snow, way back in November, my daughters and I, with the little one in the baby sling, caught the city bus and made our way to the Central library for a book sale! Naturally our first stop at the sale was the crafting section :). My eldest picked out a crocheting book called "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies", totally random but she really liked a cupcake scarf in the book and asked me if I could make it for her. Of course I obliged but due to various reasons was only able to complete it recently, and good thing too because I don't know how much longer winter will be with us.

I have a feeling my Mom is going to love this scarf, she is a real baking enthusiast, hehe. In the book they used glued on pom-poms to decorate the cupcakes, but we decided to go with buttons that we could securely sew on instead. We are always wary of small objects ending up on the floor and the littlest miss getting her hands (and mouth) on them.

So there you have it, a cozy cupcake scarf, for my little big girl, to keep her warm in what feels like our longest winter yet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Belles

After a long and very cold winter, we cannot wait for Spring to make its appearance. These last few days have been the warmest yet and I had a sudden desire to make Spring dresses for the girls! I bought one meter of this blue flower print fabric intending to make a dress for the littlest one, and as soon as the eldest saw the dress she insisted she needed a matching one. Thankfully I had just enough fabric left over to make one for her as well. I used the Sweet Little Dress pattern by Leila & Ben, and I have to say I really enjoyed the simplicity of the pattern and how quick I was able to whip these dresses up, using only one meter of fabric to boot. It doesn't get any better than that! Now the girls are all ready for a playdate at the park, as soon as the rest of the snow and slush melts :).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A wee dress

A friend of mine had a baby girl last month, and every baby girl is in need of a new dress :). Lately I have been making more of an effort to avoid buying clothing, from big box stores, that are made overseas where labour conditions and salary are less than favourable. Often times I am guilty of pointing out what is wrong in the world but I also fall short of doing my part, however big or small. As a homeschooling Mom I am forever being observed by my children and have to make more conscious decisions and set good examples. Buying ethically made clothes is something I hope to pass on to my kids. One thing in a long list of good examples I hope to set for my little girls, with the help of God. Now to be honest I am not sure where I can even purchase ethically made clothes locally, and that will require a bit of research. In the meantime, I do happen to have a knack for sewing, and so I made this little brown polka dot dress for my friend's new little girl.

I found a free pattern online to make the dress from Prudent Baby, here. The fabric has a flannel type feel and is actually a remnant from a baby blanket I made in the past. And of course I have a healthy stash of buttons, and fabric scraps, which were incorporated into the dress. It's always awesome when everything is already on hand ;).

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A 'New' Blue Dresser

Now that we have a new member in our household Alhumdulillah, she was in need of a place to put her things :). I picked up an old dresser from the second hand store way back before she was born, and I finally got time to fix it up this week. I often prefer to get my furniture second hand because they are better in both quality (solid wood, not particle board) and price! I scored this dresser for $5 and it was in pretty good condition besides a need for a new coat of paint. Speaking of paint, I just came to know that Home Depot has a "Opps" rack where people return paint that was just not the right colour, and they resell it for a fraction of the price. I got a quart of blue paint from the "opps" rack for $3! So here's what I did:



Besides the new coat of paint, I also added some new silver knobs that I picked up from Home Depot for about $1.50 a piece. I really like the new look of the dresser, and I think it fits well in my eldest daughter's room at the end of her bed (inshaAllah they will share the room soon, baby's crib is in our room at the moment). To dress up the dresser a bit, and to have a soft place to put her things so they won't shake around too much when the dresser is opened, I made a little mini quilt to place on top. I really like the scrappy look of it, plus it felt good to make a little dent in my scrap pile :).

And that's that! :)