corner studio

Who doesn't dream of having their own studio, or library, or workplace to call their very own. A place where they can lay out all their projects, and return to them later on without a single thing being disturbed. Ahh, if only. But until then, one can make do with their very own corner! Much better than sharing the dining room table, of course. The funny thing though, is this happens to be my old dining room table. With our growing family, we thought it was due time for a larger table. So my Mom brought us a table she was no longer using, one that I actually sat at as a kid. (More on the new table later inshaAllah, still working on adding a few more chairs to it to make it complete.) So my old dining table became the new home for my sewing machine. Nice and roomy for sewing! I love being able to have my sewing machine plugged in all the time. A place where I can get right to work whenever I have a fancy to sew something. My chair is a find from the thrift store, a steal at only $3, and I recovered it with a bright and cheerful floral patterned fabric. Also, my wall art gallery is something I put up from necessity. I purposely placed the frames to cover cracks in the wall. Yup, we are renting our apartment, and of course the landlord can make repairs to the wall but it is really such a hassle for them to repair and then repaint, with kids in the house and all, and the toxic smells of the paint. So this is my current solution until one day in the summer possibly when I might spend a week or two at my Mom's and they can come and do repairs. Anyways, long story short, this is my new corner studio, I may add a few things here or there, but I am smitten!


a dress for spring

With the weather finally getting warmer, I had the sudden urge to do some spring sewing for the girls. For a first project I decided to go with the well loved pattern- the sweet little dress, by Leila and Ben. I didn't add the elastic to the sleeves this time to create a flutter sleeve look. I love it. I really like the pattern of the fabric too, so bright and cheerful for spring. I definitely see myself sewing more of these in the near future inshaAllah. They are perfect for gifts too since they come together so quickly.


Casa Loma

Our family went on a field trip to Casa Loma with our homeschooling group this week. According to my Mom, that wasn't my first time visiting the castle. She brought my older brother and I in the late 80s. Of course I don't remember since I was only a year old, so it really felt like my first experience this time around. It was such a beautiful day, perfect for a field trip. There was so much history to learn, and my eldest had so many questions for the tour guide. I've read about Lady Mary Pellat and the first Girl Guides before, but never made the connection with her and Casa Loma, until the trip! It must have been so amazing for the girls to have their meetings in a castle! Everything in the castle was beautiful but it was sort of strange because a lot of the items did not belong to Sir Henry Pellat since he ended up having to auction off his belongings due to financial difficulties during the depression. The castle is amazing with it's 98 rooms, secret passage ways, and underground tunnel, but I think everyone's favourite part was climbing the circular staircase to the top of the turret. The view from up there was amazing. We could see the city of Toronto, and even the CN tower. It was such a great trip but definitely tiring with all the walking, staircases, and my husband and I taking turns carrying a baby and a toddler. But Alhumdulillah, for another great family adventure!


crossover pinafore

A friend of mine recently had a baby girl and I made her daughter a little reversible crossover pinafore. My middle one, missS, saw me making it and wanted it to wear it right away, so I am hoping to make a few more for my two littlest girls. For babyS it will fit as a dress, and for missS it will fit more as a top. The pattern I used is from Smashed Peas and Carrots, here.

inside out...


we knit

My eldest girl has really gotten me back into knitting recently. Earlier this year she knit a rectangle then sewed the edges together to make a little hat for her sister. More recently, we have been working on knitting scarves for ourselves, a first project for the new homeschooling knitting club we joined. We really enjoyed the knitting club and can't wait until the next meeting, I learned a few things myself, like different ways to knot a slip knot. We are still plugging away at those scarves, probably would have been better to use a larger needle size and thicker yarn, but we just loved the colours we chose. I really hope we can get these done before Spring comes along! I am also really itching to get some knitting done for my littlest girl before the weather gets too warm. Maybe a little vest or sweater.