"And if you should count the favors of God, you could not enumerate them." {Quran 16:18}


nursing cover

I made a nursing cover for a friend. She is expecting her 5th child this Spring inshaAllah. So exciting! I love big families :), mashaAllah. Making the cover was super simple. All I needed were some D rings, and about 16" of boning for the top edge of the nursing cover (which allows easier viewing and ventilation for the baby). I made up my own measurements for the cover, I like it extra big for maximum coverage. Also, I really love the super simple geometric pattern and lovely colours of this fabric. Feels very calming to me. I can't wait to meet her new bundle of joy soon inshaAllah!

Sidenote: I made a cover for myself as well but I left it in the car, so I don't have any pictures of it to share at the moment. Perhaps once I retrieve it from the car then I will update this post with pictures.


my library bag

I was in need of a new library bag. The one I purchased from the library was one of those recycled bottle tote bags that just don't seem to be that durable and tend to break down with time. I knew I wanted my new bag to be able to withstand the weight of all the library books we check out for homeschooling, and I happened to have quite a bit of old denim jeans that needed repurposing and that I needed to clear out of my closet. Perfect! I really love how my new bag turned out. I made it an ombre bag using different shades of blue jeans, I added two pockets - a jean pocket, and a zipper pocket, and then I embellished it with a thrifted doily, and a piece of silky fabric (a scrap from my mother's dress I believe) through the loop holes. I also boxed out the bottom of the bag to increase the width to hold more books. And I made the handles long enough to sling over my shoulder to keep my hands free to hold the little ones hands/carseat. There is also a lining added to the inside and to the handles. My eldest daughter likes it so much she is now crafting her own version! We can't wait to go to the library :)


a pioneer's winter

Big fluffly snow flakes falling in the sky, a warm fire burning, hot Three Sisters stew and tasty Bannock bread cooking, handmade creations in every corner, a lovely cozy log cabin home, and a rich history to soak in. Our family really enjoyed our homeschooling field trip to a local museum recently. It was so nice to learn about the simple life of the pioneers. Yes they worked hard every day but their work held so much love and meaning and strengthened ties of family and community. Clothing, toys, furniture, homes, meals, everything was made as a family and thus truly treasured. Children were given work, and had a lot of responsibility and were important members of the household. Older children were responsible for keeping the fire burning. It was such a task to get it started. If it went out at night they would have to walk to the neighbour's home quite a distance away and light their spill and carry it home without it burning out. Each member of the family had only two pairs of clothing, one for working, and one for their day of worship. Homes were built small so the warmth of the fire could reach every corner, parents sleeping downstairs, and children upstairs all together in one room. Children had only a handful of handmade toys, a wooden jacob's ladder, a stuffed doll, a spinning top. It was a simple, hard, but beautiful life.


a place to learn

The way we do learning is constantly evolving. As the children grow their needs change, and I change the environment to fit those needs. When my 2nd was crawling, I moved the bookcase to the girls' room since she was constantly pulling all the books out, and pulling herself up to stand, and I was worried about it toppling. Everything was baby-proofed. But now that she is a little toddler, I am finding I am able to put things back into the environment for her to explore. Her current favourite activities are writing on the chalkboard, painting with watercolours, playing with her magnets, and most of all- reading books. I did so many things with my eldest daughter, and this blog is evidence of that, and I want to constantly remind myself to also provide those opportunities to my younger ones as well.

I really want to create a home where my children will feel at home. The children outnumber the adults in my home afterall. Having a home where everything is picture perfect, like out of a magazine, with not a single toy in sight, doesn't feel right to me. Having 9 siblings myself, I thrive in an environment that feels well-lived in. Let the children play, let them paint, let them colour, let them jump, let them be kids. I am really learning to let go of people's perceptions of my "messy" home. I am learning to put my kids first, and not feel the need to hide all the toys, books, crayons, etc every time a visitor comes over. This is what childhood is, this is learning, growing, and nurturing in progress :).